бесплатные курсы программирования для детей

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проблемы со строительством ЖК

Dismantle an amortisation rack and clamp it in a vice for the bottom fixing eye. Do not clamp it in the field of external diameter, differently it will be pressed through. Establish the tension device on coils of a spring and slightly compress a spring. That the tension device has not slid off, paste over corresponding coils of a spring with a sticky tape. Loosen the самоконтрящуюся a nut of the top fastening of the shock-absorber, take out a bolt. Remove the shock-absorber, a spring and демпфирующее a ring. Establish still the compressed spring. The colour label on a spring is turned below to a spring plate. The bottom end of a spring adjoins to dredging of an eye of a spring below on the shock-absorber. Above the spring end too adjoins to dredging of an amortisation ring. Again collect an amortisation rack (a spring still under a tension). In the beginning freely manually screw the top fastening of the shock-absorber on the top part of an amortisation rack (the so-called adapter). The shock-absorber and the top part of an amortisation rack correct so that imagined axes of both fixing apertures of shock-absorbers were under the relation to each other at an angle 21 ° (the admission only 2 °). Thus the bottom aperture is in front turned to a car outer side (drawing on the right above see). In this position unload a spring. Now tighten a nut of a fixing bolt of the shock-absorber on 70 Nanometers. Then tighten it on 1/2 turns. About installation of an amortisation rack see in section above.