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Purchase of new tyres At the disposal of our models Audi A4 there is a small choice of the serial sizes of tyres. Driver Audi can choose among the sizes 195/65 R 15 205/60 R 15 and 205/55 R 16. Here properties and features of tyres of these sizes are described. What combinations of tyres and rims approach from them for your car, you will find in characteristics sheet of the car. The standard size 195/65 R 15 very much approaches А4. As to road performance it is possible to tell almost the same: 195 it is absolutely enough, including for models with more powerful engines. Advantage: at narrower tyres smaller resistance качению and more low noise at rotation. In tyres 205/60 R 15 or 205/60 R 16 bribes, first of all, appearance. At more expensive tyre in comparison with 195th hardly probable больший service life and insignificantly improved road performance. The subsequent re-equipment is interesting to those who goes very smoothly and loves appearance of tyres. The tyre 205/60 R 15 can be put on the same rims, as well as 195th. Business in another way is with tyres 205/55 R 16: they can be put only on rims 7 J Х 16. Winter tyres If on your car there are standard tyres 195/65 R 15, that, probably, you can, depending on district, at sufficient depth of a profile to go and in the winter by summer tyres. Has worse put is with wide-profile 205 tyres. They are more inclined – "rigid" execution of a class V or W is not an exception – to proslipping on snow and on ice. In this case hardly probable it will be possible to avoid acquisition of special winter tyres. Among winter tyres you have a choice between traditional tyres M + S by which it is possible to go with a speed to 160 km/h, and more high-speed tyres with the resolved speed to 190 km/h. In cars which can go with the speed exceeding structurally caused, resolved speed of winter tyres (see in the beginning of the head), the instruction with the data about speed, as much as possible admissible for tyres should be located on a control panel. Tyre M + S with depth of a profile less than 4 mm is not suitable any more for winter.

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