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Audi А4 + Running gear + Regular servicing + Engines + Turbo-supercharging + Exhaust system + Cooling system + Fuel tank and the fuel pump + The air filter and channels всасывания + Injection system + Coupling + Transmission and the main transfer + Suspension bracket of wheels and steering + Brakes + Wheels and tyres - The electrotechnical equipment     The minus is connected to weight     The help for orientation in the electrotechnical equipment of the car     Wires     Connections of wires     The central switching knot     Support of additional relays     Box for electronics     The relay and management blocks     The switching relay     H-contact of the relay of unloading     The table of the relay and management blocks     Safety locks     The table of safety locks    - Electric schemes       - The general electric scheme Audi A4 c шестицилидровым the engine with working volume 2,8 l and capacity of 128 kw           The accumulator, starter, the alternating current generator           The management block multidot injection, ignition system, injection valves           The management block multidot injection, a measuring instrument of a stream of fresh air, a potentiometer throttle заслонки , the Hall gauge, detonation sensor controls, the terminal cascade of capacity of coils of ignition           The management block, the starter switch           Illumination           Safety locks           The switchboard loose leaf, the gauge of speed of movement, fuel stock, the fuel pump, the switch of pressure of oil           The switchboard loose leaf, the control of a cooling liquid           The alarm system switch, the switch of indexes of turns           The switch of screen wipers with прерыв .