курсы программирование питере

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Окна Казани

Suck away a brake liquid from a tank, for this purpose take out a strainer from a jellied branch pipe. Disconnect from a tank a socket of the alarm indicator of level of a brake liquid, the same concerns wires of the cylinder of coupling. Take out a tank from the main brake cylinder. Dismantle a vacuum hose of the brake amplifier. Mark brake hoses on the main brake cylinder for the subsequent installation and unscrew them. Unscrew both fixing nuts (not bolts TORX) behind on the main brake cylinder. Cautiously and without bending, take out the main brake cylinder from the brake amplifier. At assemblage put a new sealing ring between the brake amplifier and the main brake cylinder. Cautiously put the main brake cylinder on the brake amplifier. If it is necessary, let the assistant will cautiously press a brake pedal that it was easier to pull the main brake cylinder on press a rod. Tighten fixing nuts on 50 Nanometers. Tighten brake hoses on 15 Nanometers. Before the broad tank will be pressed, moisten from within with a brake liquid a sealing stopper of a connecting branch pipe of a broad tank. Pump over brake system. If it is necessary, pump over hydraulic system of coupling.