курс программирования робота ev3

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Switch off ignition and stop fuel giving. In different models it becomes differently: Four-cylinder the engine with working volume 1,6 l: disconnect a socket of a terminal exit of capacity of the coil of ignition. Disconnect sockets of all four valves of injection. The four-cylinder engine with working volume 1,8 l: ignition coils are dismantled in any case (the head ignition System ), sockets on coils of ignition or a terminal exit are thus disconnected also. Disconnect sockets of all four valves of injection. The six-cylinder engine: disconnect both sockets on a final exit of capacity of coils of ignition (the head ignition System ). Disconnect sockets of all six valves of injection. For all models: unscrew all spark plugs. Press a rubber cone of a manometre to an aperture of a candle of the first cylinder (the sequence has no value, but write down) or screw in a connecting tube in a spark plug carving. Include a manual brake, the gear change lever put in neutral position or the lever-selector of an automatic transmission in position «Р» . Let your assistant a starter will turn the engine. The gas pedal should be completely wrung out thus (for the purpose of the best filling of the cylinder). When the pressure indicator already essentially does not rise, write down it and spend measurements on the following cylinder.