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Check of the fulfilled gases (AU) In Germany in cars with adjusted catalytic the converter the first check of the maintenance of the fulfilled gases in three years after date of the first admission and then every two year is offered, installation of ignition and efficiency каталитического the converter is thus checked also. If Audi «the main check» in DEKRA or in TUV in the beginning it is necessary to inspect structure of the fulfilled gases is necessary. By our experience, fastest it becomes in the certified workshops. For economy of time it is possible to add still that in workshop Audi always there is available the newest adjusting data, which other workshops, including DEKRA or TUV, receive with certain delay. At check the exhaust system should be in working order, and in an inlet collector should not be подсоса air through not tight sites. Besides, be convinced that the air filter pure and distance between electrodes of spark plugs the correct. Besides it, after driving throughout several months it is recommended to replace oil with short distances. The fuel condensate, проникший in engine oil, worsens indicators of the fulfilled gases. At check the car is connected to an expensive tester in a workshop which printing device generalises the received measuring sizes for acknowledgement of the passed check. If the separate set sizes are not reached, there is no acknowledgement of the passed check. Before replacing expensive knot after not passed check of structure of the fulfilled gases, repeat check in other workshop. Despite expensive measuring technics, in results of measurements there is a disorder. Sometimes enough a long trip, to which time the engine, a ljambda-probe and каталитический reach the converter of full working temperature.

Помидоры разрезать поперек пополам и при помощи чайной ложечки удалить середину. Затем посолить и опрокинуть на тарелку для отцеживания. Приготовить майонез из творога, растительного масла, лимонного сока и щепотки соли; по желанию можно добавить немного горчицы (все составляющие хорошо растереть вместе). Яйца сварить «в мешочек», охладить и очистить от скорлупы. В каждую половинку помидоров поместить по 1 яйцу, залить приготовленным майонезом и посыпать тертым сыром и мелко нарезанной зеленью петрушки. Подавать с подсушенным хлебом и овощным соком или кислым молоком.