курсы программирования 1с с трудоустройством

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If the supercharger of air does not work in one of switch positions check up in the beginning a corresponding safety lock (the table in the head the Electrotechnical equipment ). If, despite the serviceable switch, screen wipers, the reason in the relay of unloading of H-contact do not work also. Check of the engine of a supercharger: completely dismantle a box for gloves (the head Salon ). Disconnect a bipolar socket in a wire to the engine of a supercharger, connect two auxiliary wires to free now to engine contacts: from accumulator plus to contact to which, and from an accumulator minus the red wire has been connected to contact to which the brown wire has been connected. If the engine of a supercharger is perfectly in order, now it should rotate on full speed. If is not present, replace it. If the drive works not on all speeds, that, probably, defect in one of resistance. Dismantle additional resistance, carry out the visual control. If one of resistance has fused, replace all support with resistance. If additional resistance are perfectly in order, along with conductivity infringement in a wire, as a malfunction source still there can be a rotary regulator in a control panel – replace all control mean with heating.

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